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We’re On a Mission to Extend Longevity by Changing How the World Treat’s Inflammation

We’re changing the way the world treats inflammation and the way the pharmaceutical business treats humanity. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is an innovative life sciences company that is repurposing small molecules for not just novel solutions, but truly revolutionary results. Arguably the biggest advance tackling inflammation since aspirin was invented 125 years ago, we aim to improve societal well-being by helping humanity thrive.

We call this: full strength living.

Current valuation is $70M with over 396 Investors to date

Arguably the world’s most resourceful pharmaceutical disrupter, Sen-Jam’s next private equity round is open.
Convertible Note. $10,000 minimum investment.


This is unlike the vast majority of existing anti-inflammatories which focus on mitigating deterioration after injury and tissue damage. Our platform keeps acute inflammation from becoming chronic which uniquely protects against age-related diseases.  Preserving healthy tissue from irreparable damage.


of Inflammation

inflammation diagram


of Injury + disease

Inflammation is the
Root Cause of Disease...

This revolutionary insight aligns with bleeding edge research and completely upends how the current therapeutic market approaches inflammation

Not a Consequence
of it.

And Inflammation is killing us.

Over the last 4 years, Americans have lost 3 years in life expectancy.

More than 50% of all deaths worldwide are attributed to chronic inflammatory diseases.
61% of Americans have chronic Inflammation


Historic Timeline of Anti-Inflammatories




treats SOURCE

Our unified portfolio of 12 assets targeting 7 distinct therapeutic areas is the first of its kind to reduce the rate at which mast cells – human immune system cells whose role was poorly understood until only 2 years ago – release proteins that cause inflammation.

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So pull up a barstool, let’s talk Hangovers.

Love it or Leave it: Alcohol is the most widely used substance in the world. But it’s also linked to negative health impacts, including the age-old hangover.

With 80% of people who drink on the planet experiencing the after-effects called Alcohol Hangover, the result is a massive loss in quality of life and global workplace productivity at a cost that outsizes most countries’ economies.

But what’s the little known culprit at the Heart of the Hangover? Inflammation. And Inflammation is at the root of not just Hangover, but the world’s most harrowing chronic diseases, including premature aging.  That’s where Sen-Jam’s solution really sings.

$1.5T Global Mkt for Alcohol Beverages

of people who drink experience the after-effects of a fun night out

Of workers say they have been Hungover at work
man walking with coffee
woman drinking alcohol

The Alcohol Hangover Market is Exploding with a global CAGR of 13.8% through 2032

In 2022, the WHO IDC-11 Classified Hangover as a treatable disease

Global Alcohol Consumption is Increasing

Alcohol Hangover Remedies remains unregulated

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The Offer

Investors in biotech companies that successfully proceed through FDA trials are often rewarded with higher valuations after each milestone. We expect to achieve significant milestones in the near future.

Our Current Offering is a CONVERTIBLE NOTE. Minimum investment amount is $10,000

Warrant Kicker for 1st $1M in Investments
Funds will be used to bring the lead assets into completion across clinical phase 2 trials.

Our pathway is highly de-risked:

  1. We are using the 505(b)2 Regulatory Pathway which  means our assets are fast-tracked through due to already existing safely on the market for decades.  This also comes with a fraction of the developmental costs normally associated with traditional drug development.
  2. Our early partnerships have signaled enormous confidence in our offerings and by extension have allowed us to already commence engineering batches, readying for worldwide distribution.
  3. We have been deemed one of – if not the– most resourceful life sciences company on the planet for accomplishing our milestones with very little overhead and a lot of ingenuity in repurposing small molecules and reimagining partnerships.  This is the modern business model in spades.

Company Highlights

To date

$2M committed to current round

3 LEADS closing in on PHASE 2 TRIALS

Spanning over 7 distinct Therapeutic Areas, our Platform Technology shows what promises to have revolutionary impact

40 PATENTS and Patents Pending

Our Global IP is solid and signals world-wide Blockbuster Opportunity


Sen-Jam continues to attract extraordinary partners in the clinical institutional, CMO engineering and controls as well as patient-first technology arenas.


By repurposing existing small molecules for synergistic effect, we are fast-tracking regulatory and commercial pathways with ingenuity.

Meet the Team

Jacqueline Iversen, RPh, MS

Founder, Chief Clinical Officer

Jackie has extensive knowledge and capabilities in a multitude of clinical settings. Her expertise involves providing clinical education across the healthcare continuum. In particular, upon completing a rigorous research fellowship in pharmacokinetics and pain at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Jackie saw new possibilities other colleagues and thought leaders missed. She is a passionate innovator and humanitarian with her eye always firmly on the ultimate impact to people in all places and stages of health and life.

Jim Iversen

Jim Iversen


Jim is a Seasoned Executive and Charismatic Leader with a consistent track record of developing and executing business strategies that deliver rapid growth in sales, profits, market share, employee and customer satisfaction. He thrives in fast paced environments, producing results through remarkable resourcefulness and collaborations. A Strategic Powerhouse, Jim has a knack for seeing the big picture and stewarding multiple pathways to success. Client engagements range from start-ups to late stage, often resulting in an M&A transaction.

Tom Dahl

Thomas Dahl, PhD

Head of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs

Tom has held several senior management positions with companies ranging from start-ups to established global companies. He is an accomplished biotech/pharmaceutical executive with expertise in early stage ventures, including technical analysis of products and technologies, business strategy and operations, development program strategy, clinical trial design and interpretation, and interfacing with pharmaceutical partners.

Christine Leonard

Christine Leonard

Head of Strategic Communications

Christine is a highly respected and award-winning marcom strategist with passion for companies that aim to improve lives. She has led brand development, marketing execution, investor relations, consumer insight mining and communications excellence for world-class healthcare companies big and small. Christine has a unrelenting passion for collaborating with entrepreneurs who disrupt markets for massively good outcomes to humanity. She believes the world needs radically fresh solutions to age-old problems.

Neal Zahn

Neal Zahn

Head of Global Licensing

Wildly successful and seasoned executive in the manufacturing, operations and pharmaceutical industries, Neal is a powerhouse in global connection. With a strong bench of skills in the business development space, he has fine tuned his legendary resourcefulness in building long lasting, high impact strategic alliances. Neal is charming and unflappable, bringing optimism and pragmatism to the global stage.

Tom Dahl

Thomas Dahl, PhD

Biotech Executive & Consultant

Tom is an accomplished biotech/pharmaceutical executive with expertise in early stage ventures, including technical analysis of products and technologies, business strategy and operations, development program strategy, clinical trial design and interpretation, and interfacing with pharmaceutical partners.

Joris Verster, PhD

Utrecht University

Joris has extensive experience as principal investigator of clinical trials examining the effects of drugs on driving, cognitive effects of food and (medicinal) drugs, alcohol hangover, and sleep and sleep disorders. He is founder of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, and scientific advisor of various pharmaceutical companies.

Andrew Scholey

Swinburne University

Andrew is a leading international researcher into the neurocognitive effects of natural products, supplements and food components. He is the founder of the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit at Northumbria University, UK.

Gary Zammit, PhD


Gary specializes in early phase and specialty clinical drug development. He is the founder of Clinilabs and a key opinion leader for clinical development outsourcing.

Francis Farraye

Mayo Clinic

Francis Farraye, MD, MSC Senior Associate Consultant in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Mayo Clinic where he co-directs the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center.

Alexander Wissner-Gross

Alexander Wissner-Gross


Alex is a world-renown physicist, researcher, investor and thought leader. He has received countless distinctions, authored 23 publications and has dozens of patents. Connected to over 33 companies with a combined valuation of over $950 million.





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